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Some Information about IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project

Some Information about IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project

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I am Mohammed Shirajum Monir from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am working with IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Programme since year 2004. Many earthlings always want to know about the scholarship. I am going to share some information about IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project. In this note I am going to share the FAQ answers of some commonly asked questions. you can ask me directly to know more through my email: or phone: +88 01914573067.

1. Who are they, IDB-BISEW?
The term IDB-BISEW is the short form of Islamic Development Bank-Bangladesh Islamic Solidarity Educational Wakf which was established following an agreement between the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the Government of Bangladesh. IDB-BISEW undertakes funding, formulating and implementing of projects in the areas of education, human resource development and institutional strengthening.

2. Why does IDB-BISEW provide IT Scholarship?
The intent is to transform the large population into productive workforce by strengthening their technical capability to use existing and emerging technologies resulting in sustainable economic growth and equality. The programme's aim is to enhance the employment prospects of meritorious Muslim youths who come from financially disadvantaged background.

3. What is the IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship project about?
The IDB-BISEW project titled “Financial Assistance to Underprivileged Muslim Youth for Developing IT Skills” has been launched with an aim to develop the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) skills of deserving young Muslim male and female for enhancing their chances of securing a good career.  IDB-BISEW has allocated funds amounting to 40% of its Wakf income estimated at Tk.50 million per annum to this project. IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship project started its training in the year 2003.

4. Do the candidates require any money to be spent to be awarded the IT Scholarship?
The candidates have to spend BDT 100 to buy a form. All other expenses would be provided by IDB-BISEW.

5. What cost benefit would a candidate get from this project?
The selected candidates will get an opportunity to undergo training by participating in a Certificate or a Diploma level course at one of the premiere training institute in Dhaka & Chittagong. In financial terms these courses are in the range of Tk. 1, 50,000 to more than Tk. 2, 50,000 based on the current market price. IDB-BISEW will not only pay the training cost but also provide the training materials for free. Furthermore, each trainee would be provided Monthly Maintenance Allowance of BDT 2000 per month.

6. What would the scholarship cover?
The scholarship would cover the entire tuition fees for each courses offered. All training materials would be provided by IDB-BISEW. It also covers Vendor Certification examination fee that a candidate needs to pass in order to successfully complete the course.  The scholarship would not cover the cost to be incurred by the candidate for food and accommodation during the training but BDT 2000 per trainee per month would be contributed by IDB-BISEW.

7. How many times would the student intake take place?
The student intake would take place at least twice in a project year. Candidates may apply in multiple intakes if unsuccessful in earlier attempts.

8. Who can apply for the scholarships?
A person who has already passed Bachelor (pass / Honors) or Fazil or similar degree examination can apply for the scholarships.

9. Do candidates need to have prior computing knowledge for applying for the scholarships?
No prior knowledge of computing is required to apply for the IT Scholarship.

10. What are the steps involved in the candidate selection process?
Following are the steps involved in the candidate selection process under IDB-BISEW Scholarship program:
Step01- Buy the application kit from any of the designated branches of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., which contains following: o STUDENT APPLICATION FORM o STUDENT INFORMATION FORM (OMR FORM) o Instructions for filling up application form o A pre-labeled return envelope
Step02- Carefully read all the forms and the instructions for filling up the forms.
Step03- Fill up each form. While doing that, the candidate should rather use a 2B pencil than a pen, so that if required, he/she can change the information without damaging any of the forms.
Step04- Do not forget to tear off and retain the page marked with the statement “Please retain this page before submitting application form” in the STUDENT APPLICATION FORM. This would be used as identity card at the time of selection exam. Without this identity card, a candidate even if selected, would not be allowed to take part in the selection exam. Your application form serial number is a unique ID of a candidate applying for IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship. After submission of the forms, a student will be identified by the above mentioned number.
Step05- Put all two properly filled up forms in the envelope provided. Do not use any other envelope.
Step06- Mail the envelope from any post office (do not courier) well within the deadline of submitting application form.

11. What are the training courses available in this round (R16 and onwards) of the program?
The training courses available in Round – 18 are:

  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Networking Technology (ID-NT) - 868 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Web – presence  Solutions & Implementations (WPSI) - 940 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Database Design & Development (DDD) - 860 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Enterprise System Analysis & Design using C# - 1040 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Enterprise System Analysis & Design (J2EE) - 940 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Computer Assisted Animation (CAA) - 856 hours 
  • IDB-BISEW Diploma in Architectural & Civil CAD (ACAD) - 740 hours
Following courses are retired from the program:
  • Internet Application Development (IAD) 
  • Graphic & Printing Application (GPA)
12. Where the training would be held?
The training courses in Round 18 will be held in Dhaka & Chittagong. In subsequent rounds the training courses may be extended to other parts of the country.

13. Who would be delivering the training courses?
In the previous rounds, various IT training institutions located in Dhaka and Chittagong, namely, Asia Pacific Communication Ltd.(APCL), BASE Limited, Bhuiyan IT Ltd (BITL), Centre for Computer Studies Ltd., Computer Network Systems Ltd., Creative Vision, Daffodil Institute of IT (Dhanmondi, Kalabagan and Chittagong), Dot Com Systems, Genuity Systems Ltd., IBCS-PRIMAX Software(Bangladesh)Ltd., IT Bangla Ltd., Macro Softwares Limited, Star Computer Systems Limited, The Computers Limited, (Dhaka and Chittagong) and US Software are delivering the training courses. The project authority has specially selected these institutes based on the project’s quality requirements and their reputation in the industry. Other quality IT training institutes will be enlisted as and when required.

14. At what time of the day would the training take place?
All the training courses would be conducted either in the morning slot (9.00 am to 1.00 pm) or in the afternoon slot (3.00 pm to 7.00 pm)

15. What is meant by the Aptitude Test?
In order to assess the basic educational ability of the candidate, the Project Authority would conduct a test of 90 minutes duration, in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format.

16. Is there any pass marks in the test?
There will not be any pass or fail marks for the test. Instead, a percentile ranking system has been adopted to select successful candidates.

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  1. Thank you for the information. It will be helpful to new students.Education

  2. Thank you very much for your help.

  3. i am a candidate of round 22. in interview they did not ask anything. what is the basise of selecting the final ones?

    1. Bhaiya...... do you get admission ? @Ariful Islam ..... what is the requirements for the course admission ...?? and what should we read in admission test....?? Thanks a lot @Mohammed Shirajum Monir & @Ariful Islam

    2. You don't know more than the published information of IDB. Know perfectly and then write on blog.....ghadha kothakar.

    3. Rani... First of all you should try learning the human behavior then talk to me.

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  5. i am not awarded the scholarship, i don't know why. please explain! please!
    i did well in exam. they did not ask me anything in viva. there must be a reasone. or is it my bad luck?
    my id is 1169117

  6. which type question idb scholarship aptitude test given ?any body give some sample aptitude test question ??plz ??

  7. Are the courses only for Muslim???? Can I participate as a Non-Muslim??

  8. Are the courses only for Muslim???? Can I participate as a Non-Muslim??

  9. VAIA, ki doroner qus korbe kon kon bisoy qus aste pare...

    1. All questions would be MCQ. Only English and Math would be examined.

  10. Thanks for the information. I want to know more about what type of question is asked in aptitude test.

    1. All questions would be MCQ. Only English and Math would be examined.

  11. Brother, I already pass mcq exm, next step is viva, would u help me, how i pass viva exm in a right way and which type qsn they asked me....

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